At Afterlife, we're more than just a nightclub – we're a vibrant community of party enthusiasts who appreciate music, dance, and shared experiences. When you step into Afterlife, you become a part of something bigger, something extraordinary.Perhaps you want to sip on expertly crafted cocktails mixed by our talented bartenders; from classics to creative concoctions, our drinks menu will keep your spirits high!
Afterlife is a safe haven for all patrons, proudly embracing its role as an LGBTQIA+ Safe Space. The dedicated team is committed to satisfying every need, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who step into this inclusive and vibrant nightlife destination every Friday night!


Why not come down to Afterlife, and partake in some naughty antics, whether this be doing cheeky Body Shots off any staff member of your choosing, spending a little passion filled time with our Veils or just dancing the night away
... whatever you choose we will be waiting for you.







You MUST be 18+ to enter this club
By entering Afterlife, you swear and affirm that you are of legal age and consent to the activities that occur inside the venue!


NO NSFW services are rendered to Lalafells.
Lalafells are strictly for headpats and cuddles. We love the little ones, just don't want to engage in NSFW with them. So please, don't ask or be offended when we refuse.


/shout or /yell - strictly for staff / Staff respect
The use of /shout or /yell within the venue is strictly for club announcements. You will receive one warning before being asked to leave. Please respect the staff they have the right to refuse any service should they deem it necessary.


Put your minions away!
All minions, and weapons are to be put away during your visit to Afterlife, as much as we love to see your cute minions we would rather not crush them under our heel!







Bar Buyout

1 Million Gil per hour
For free drinks for the entire club!


Ifrit’s Burn
A fiery shot of whisky, leaving a soothing burn
Mind Eraser
Want a drink so good you'll lose track of the night? Try this!
Purple Star
Something smooth to start the night?

Ask bartenders for more!
These shots can be supplied in a glass or
taken as body shots from one our gorgeous staff members

Wines & Beers

Sharlayan Rose 6,000 gilLa Noscean Red 6,000 gilDravanian White 6,000 gilAfterlife IPA 6,000 gilCoerthas Lager 6,000 gilKholusia Stout 6,000 gil


Black Rose 10,000 gil
Bourbon, Grenadine, Peychaud's bitters
Midori Sour 10,000 gil
(Garlean) Vodka, Melon liqueur, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Club soda
White Mage 10,000 gil
Strawberry vodka, White cranberry juice, Sparkling berry water, Simple syrup, Strawberry extract, White luster dust for swirly magic effect
Phoenix Down 10,000 gil
Aperol, ruby grapefruit juice, lime juice, topped with Prosecco

Premium Cocktails

Afterlife 15,000 gil
Tequila, Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), Lime juice, Ginger beer
Clover Club 15,000 gil
(Gridanian) Gin, Lemon juice, Raspberry syrup, Egg white


Water FreeLemonade 3,000 gilJuices 3,000 gilCoffee 3,000 gilHot Chocolate 3,000 gil


Companionship Experience - 150k Gil per 30 minutes.
Private Dance (SFW / Light NSFW) - 200k Gil per 30 minutes.


Private Erotic Service (NSFW) - 250k Gil per 30 minutes (one hour minimum service if more than 2 people).Additional Info
Extra Customers - 100k Gil per person per 30 Minutes.
Extra Sirens - 250k Gil per Siren, per hour.


Afterlife has the best photographers on hand to make your night special, why not leave with a memory?Capture the essence of your memorable night with our expert Afterlife Photographers. Dedicated to preserving the moments that matter beyond this life, our skilled team is here to ensure your experience is immortalized. Let us weave the tapestry of your Afterlife celebration, transforming fleeting moments into timeless memories.Single or Duo: 200,000 Gil
Triple in Frame: 275,000 Gil
Quadruple in Frame: 350,000 Gil
Extra People: 100,000 Gil
NSFW Gposes: Please note this service will be dependant on the photographer on what the request will be.Feel free to approach our in house photographers, look out for the yellow tag!

Additional Services

Blood Feeding via Host: 200K per 30 minutes to experience an RP vampiric feeding from our resident vampire and host N'iko Frost.Additional information: Please note this service is considered a NSFW service and will be unredeemable by Lalafell patrons.

Charon Package - 300k Gil

VIP area access for the night
Party Host service inside the VIP area
Free bar for the night
Line skip
10% Discount on services
Free 30 Min SFW dance in a private room (this will only be offered if requested)

Asphodel Package - 400k Gil

VIP area access for the night
Party Host service inside the VIP area!
Bring one friend of your choice
Free Bar for the night
Line skip
10% Discount on services
Free 30 min SFW or NSFW dance in a private room (this will only be offered if requested)

Elysium Package - 1 Million Gil

VIP area access for a month
Party Host service inside the VIP area!
Bring two people of your choice every week (you may change who you bring each week)
Free bar for a month
Line skip for a month
10% Discount on services
Free 30 min SFW or NSFW dance in a private room (this will only be offered if requested)

Notice of Service

Any packages bought after 9pm Server Time will also carry over to the next week
VIP package prices are discounted by 20% to Lalafells as they are unable to use the Siren services in the packages.


The goal behind Chaos Theory is to create a community full of likeminded people that want to enjoy their time in Eorzea and even outside of it. Said community focusses a lot on the clubbing community in Final Fantasy, but widens it's horizon more and more with regular ingame events, giveaways and contests.
Important for us is that the community should not split - it should come together and share one goal: to make the best out of the game and enjoy it as much as possible. We play together, we party together, we vibe together - united as one.

Gambling hosted by

A community, a venue, a tome of information. For all your roleplaying needs Endless Nights is the place.

Arclight is your stylish and respectful "dress to impress" nightclub. Enjoy your evening with the services offered in your favourite clothes and show off!

Opening: Every other Thursday - 7PM ST
Location: Light - Shiva - Mist - Ward 29 - Plot 45

Welcome to hell. Seventh Circle is a Metal/Industrial-focused nightclub themed around the 9 circles of Hell from Dante's "Inferno". Our aim is to provide you with not only great music and a hell of a party, but also an RP experience that's as casual or as immersive as you want it to be.

The Cat’s Garden Café is a quaint café nestled in the northwestern side of Lavender Beds residential district. You’ll be welcomed warmly by the staff the moment you step through the archway leading to the garden. You have the choice of being seated in the alfresco seating; being surrounded by the flowers and nature, taking in the sounds of the fountains and waterfall rushing just behind the house or inside the Café, where you’ll be greeted with gentle music supplied by either our inhouse bard who has graced us with their talents but no matter where you decide to sit, you’ll be able to dine on delicious food & drinks and put your feet up for a while.

Welcome to Night Blossom, the hidden Final Fantasy XIV club where tradition meets the future. Our club is nestled within the walls of this traditional Japanese café, but don't be fooled by its humble exterior - inside, you'll discover a cyberpunk-inspired haven for fans of the game. As you step inside, the neon lights and pulsing beats of music will envelop you, transporting you to a realm where magic and technology collide. The game, and the air is alive with the hum of excitement and anticipation. Our bartenders are experts at crafting cocktails that blend blend ingredients with special flair, and our menu of small plates and snacks will keep your energy levels high as you dive deep into the world of Eorzea. But the real magic of Night Blossom lies in our community, all united by our love for the game and our shared passion for exploration and adventure. Whether you're looking to swap tips and strategies with other players, make new friends, or simply bask in the electric atmosphere of our club, you'll find everything you need right here. So come join us at Night Blossom, where tradition and technology merge to create an unforgettable Final Fantasy XIV experience.